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Order and payment

      • Please contact us by [email protected] because ELVES has distributors in some countries, we will let you know how to get our products directly from ELVES agents.
      •  If you place your order via our website or mail, the products price we quoted are based upon the rates and conditions ruling at the date of quotation. The Seller reserves the right to vary the agreed or quoted price in accordance with any variation in exchange rates, costs, labor, materials, transport freight and insurance, China duties, indirect taxes and other duties, costs and surcharges or other expenses incurred or arising due to circumstances beyond the control of the Seller between the date of quotation and the date of delivery.
      •  All prices are exclusive of sales tax, GST or other taxes which if payable are to the Buyer’s account. All information provided on website for sales tax, GST, duties and other shipping and/or handling charges are for information and no guarantees are made for their accuracy at time of purchase.
      •  You can pay via the third-party payment service: PayPal or Western Union, All ELVES transactions are made in CHINA RMB. If you are using a credit card from another country, your credit card company may charge extra fees for international transactions or currency differences. ELVES do not receive any revenue from these additional fees. Please contact your credit card company to learn more. Once the payment is completed, your product is successfully ordered. ELVES will reserve your product in stock, but the purchase is not completed until the product is delivered from our storehouse to you. We reserve the right to reject any payment or to cancel any order at our discretion.


Order and payment

      • After the order is placed, we will do our best to deliver your product within the expected time. If the time needed to process the delivery exceeds what is expected, we will notify you and process your order as soon as possible. When your product is delivered, we will also send you a delivery notice/shipping list via email. The product will be delivered on weekdays (Monday to Friday), but not on national holidays.
      • Failure to make any delivery and/or defective delivery does not prejudice the right of the Seller to make subsequent deliveries, nor does it entitle the Buyer to refuse to accept the same or to terminate the Contract either as a whole or in part or to any right or claim for damages whether for delay, non-delivery or otherwise


Return and Cancellation

    • If the Buyer cancels any order or refuses to accept all or any of the Goods in an order other than in circumstances permitted in these Terms of Sale, the Buyer will be liable for any resulting damage or loss suffered by the Seller.
    • Any claims made by the Buyer in relation to errors, transit damage or short-delivery must be made in writing within three working days when you received those Goods. The Seller accepts no liability whatsoever for any claims made after this period.
    • After collecting/receiving your product within seven days, if you find that the product is damaged during transportation, or that the bike appearance and paint have flaws, please do not ride it, keep the whole package and have your proof of purchase or ELVES’s warranty card ready. Contact our ELVES customer service right away. Once the condition is confirmed, please send the bike back with its box to ELVES.